Based on the design of its chain, our automotive chain is divided into four categories: Silent Chain, Roller Chain, bush chain, and Hy-Vo chain. They are extensively used in transmission gear, engines and drive-systems for power. All of them are made from the highest quality alloy steel and are specially processed to be in compliance with ISO/TS16949. Ever-Power automobile chain gains a good reputation in the market due to its superior level of precision, strength, wear resistance, and superior fatigue performance.

Tensile strength is an important factor for motorcycle chains. The strength of a chain determines its capacity to carry weight. Some chains can support up to 8,000 pounds. It is also important to know that a motorcycle chain must not break under heavy loads. Thankfully, many different types are available at HZPT, a professional transmission chain supplier in China. And you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Modern piston engines use a roller chain to drive the camshafts. This method requires less maintenance than previous designs, and it lasts longer. The chain must be enclosed in a lubricating oil reservoir. A chain is also used in motorcycles and the transfer case of cars.